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3-D Printer Makes A Bionic Ear

This is absolutely fascinating. I can’t even believe we are here, from a technological standpoint. If we can print a bionic ear that is functioning now, imagine where we will be in five years!

Check out the full article below:

3-D Printer Makes A Bionic Ear : Discovery News.

3-d printed ear with calf tissue

3-D printed bionic ear

Reading about this technology made me think of some other things. We could easily make super-human parts, just as easily as this functioning ear was printed. It is hard to wrap my mind around the concept of 3-D printing, but it’s not that new from what I understand. What’s even harder to image is that they can actually use tissue–live cells–to print 3-D objects.

Technology is incredible! What do you think about this advancement? Is it a miracle, or is it messing with Mother Nature?


Can You Live Without Technology?

Without technology, neither you nor I would be where we are today! Do you think you could function without it? Technology has changed my life so much, I am not sure I could go back! Could you?

In this article we discuss three types of technology that have changed out lives immensely. Check it out to see what they are!

Can You Live Without Technology? | Socyberty.

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