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Sodium Nitrate and MSG in Processed Meat Linked to Cancer

New studies suggest that the chemicals used in processed meats increase the risk of certain types of cancers by 50-67%! THAT is scary.


Chilisalpeter (Sodium nitrate)





Check out the full article here:




Processed Meats Declared too Dangerous for Human Consumption.




Common food items (some of which I love 😦 ) must be checked for sodium nitrate and MSG if you are concerned about health risks. Here’s a short list:




  • bacon
  • sausage
  • pepperoni
  • deli meats
  • any frozen or canned food that contains meat


Public domain photograph of various meats. (Be...


Of course, common sense tells me that it all makes sense…but it is still shocking news. I’m passing this on so that hopefully more people will see this and become educated about their diets. Please, be careful what you put into your body–you are what you eat!




There is some good news here, so listen up. Even if you’ve eaten processed meats (I’m sure a majority of us have), you can change your diet now and help decrease your health risks. Vitamin C is known to help prevent cancer. So, stock up on oranges and other fruits and veggies high in vitamin C!




Now I’m even more determined to help my family eat more natural, healthy foods. What do you think?








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