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Rubber Fencing?!

I recently discovered this company that recycles old racecar tires and makes them into fencing material. Intrigued, I scoured their website for weeks until I decided to ask for a free sample of the material. Check out their site for yourself (below)!

We Recycle Tires – Home.

Once we received our sample in the mail, I was even more impressed. The rubber material is durable, strong, and SAFE! There are no sharp edges and I have been unable to think of any way a horse could injure themselves on this fencing material. Plus, it’s recycling–or upcycling?–old tires that would likely end up in a landfill anyway.

Okay, so I must admit I was sold on it at this point…but I had to convince my loving husband. When I checked the prices, my jaw hit the floor. Not only is this material incredibly safe and eco-friendly, but it is cheap to buy and claims to be easy to install!

If you’re in the market for safe, affordable horse fencing, you NEED to look into this product. We put in an order for enough material to fence a small 305′ x 290′ rectangle paddock. Our order will be delivered next week!

You can bet I’ll be posting about installation of this fence. If all goes well, we will continue to use this product! Stay tuned to see how this fencing project goes. 🙂


Recycling at its Finest!

English: Plastic bottles in the back of a pick...

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We’ve all heard it: reduce, reuse, recycle. How many people actually act on it? Not many. This inspirational story makes me feel like finding more ways to reuse and recycle.

What an amazing story! We could all take a page out of this incredible family’s book. This family is determined to find ways to re-use trash, such as plastic bottles, for building structures.

It is absolutely amazing! You have to see this video to really appreciate what these people are doing: BBC News – Argentine man makes house from plastic bottles.

Check out some of the great articles below to learn about more ways people have reused plastic bottles and other “trash” items.

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