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Retired Racehorse Metro Meteor Paints for Charity

A combination of two of my favorite things: horses and art! It doesn’t get any better than this, does it?

Check out the original article here:

Racehorses Paintings Compared to Jackson Pollock : Discovery News.

The famous racehorse art is being compared to famous abstract impressionist paintings. Racehorse Metro Meteor is now retired and painting after bad knees ended his racing career.

retired racehorse paints for charity

Metro Meteor painting for charity!

His owners taught him to paint with treat training techniques. After Metro’s success in painting, his owners realized that this could help all racehorses. Money earned from Metro’s paintings goes to a racehorse adoption program to help retired horses find a safe haven. Horses are rehabilitated and placed into adoptive homes.

I wonder if I can teach any of my horses to paint? This horse is amazing! Not only is he getting crafty, but his art is helping fellow retired racehorses stay out of slaughterhouses and auction. Kudos to Metro and his wonderful owners!


Horse Survives Traumatic Fire Injuries

I happened across this story today because a friend of mine shared it on Facebook. This story is so inspiring I felt compelled to share it with you all.

A slow racehorse from Australia was bound for slaughter before he was rescued by a couple of eventers. The couple planned on re-training Neville as an eventing horse, which is basically multi-discipline showing in cross country, jumpers, and dressage. They moved him to South Carolina and entered him into their training program.

The Swifts Creek Cup at the Tambo Valley Picni...

Image via Wikipedia of Racehorses

Although not the best at first, Neville was a promising prospect…until one morning they learned the barn was on fire. Some horses survived with minor injuries, some died in the fire, and Neville was found with severe internal and external injuries.

Against all odds, this amazing horse has made more of a recovery than anyone expected. Not only is he rideable, but Neville is a contender for the Olympics!

HOKETSU Hiroshi (法華津寛), the oldest athlete (Ag...

Image via Wikipedia of Horse competing in Dressage

Neville may not have been cut out to be a racehorse, but he has enough heart and determination to win the hearts of everyone who hears his inspirational story.

Check out the original story at the link below:

Horse Is a Fire Survivor and a Possible Olympian –

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