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Raw Meat Diet for Your Dogs?

Wolves eat raw meat and bones as the main source of their diets. What about our domestic dogs? Genetically, dogs and wolves are practically identical. Heck, my dogs hunt voles, rats, squirrels, and even birds down all the time! Stray domestic dogs hunt and scavenge anything they can find to eat and survive, too–including raw meats and animal carcasses.

Would you feed your dog a diet of raw meat, bones, and forage? The article below considers the issue.

The Raw Diet for Dogs | Marks Daily Apple.

I’ve found that two of my dogs, Malachite and Bandit, have some kind of allergy to several commercial dog foods. Their skin gets dry and itchy and their fur turns coarse and wiry. Sometimes we’ll be feeding the same thing for months before they have a reaction, other times it is as soon as they start eating it.

Meet my puppies!

sandy yellow lab

Sandy (yellow lab)

sage german shepherd lab mix

Mama Sage (Sable German shepherd X yellow lab)

butters german shepherd yellow lab mix

Big Brother Butters (Sable German shepherd X yellow lab)

malachite german shepherd lab mix

Daddy Malachite (Sable German shepherd X yellow lab)

bandit german shepherd yellow lab mix

Little Brother Bandit (Sable German shepherd X yellow lab)

Corn, soy, gluten, chemicals, preservatives, and lots of other ingredients in commercial dog food can be troublesome to sensitive dogs. I’ve also heard of popular brands being recalled for making dogs get very sick and die all across the nation. Plus, the hubub about GMO corn and soy is enough to make anyone want to go organic.

We usually supplement our dogs’ dry food with leftovers, raw fresh fruits and veggies (like apples and carrots), rice, and olive oil. I think this helps keep them healthier and they certainly appreciate the taste!

german shepherd lab mix sleeping

Malachite snoozing with my niece

german shepherd lab mix

Butters and me

We often buy “soup bones” at the grocery store for them. My mom used to get these for our dogs when I was a kid, too. They are usually cow or pork bone with marrow and sometimes even a little meat left on the bone. The dogs LOVE them.

Mom likes to cook hers, but I leave ours raw. The marrow cooks out and the bone splinters easier when you boil them. Plus, I always figured it would be fine raw because…well, wolves and coyotes chew on raw bones and survive. Our dogs also get dewormed and vaccinated regularly, so I’m not worried about them getting “something” from the raw bones.

german shepherd lab mix

The boys hanging out in the snow

german shepherd yellow lab mixes

They loved hanging out in the snow

german shepherd lab mix

Bandit, Malachite, and Butters out in the snow with the kids

german shepherd lab mixes

Sleeping brothers Butters and Bandit

Anyway, I’ve been seriously considering this raw diet “fad.” There seems to be pros and cons on both sides, but  my intuition tells me that natural is healthier. What do you think? Would you give the raw diet a try with your dogs?

Puppies, Puppies, Everywhere!

So, you may have read that my dog, Sage, had puppies about four weeks ago. Since then I have had very little time to spend on the computer…sorry about that! Hopefully things will get back to normal soon. Anyway, I promised to keep you all updated on the puppies! It doesn’t look like I’m going to be able to do a weekly summary, but I will get you all caught up on how they have been from birth until now. 🙂

Sage's Pups
Sage and the puppies

Sage feeding her young puppies

By the time a week passed, the little squirmy puppies practically doubled in size and really got the hang of that nursing thing. The yellow puppy dwarfed the others in sheer size and development. By this time he had already opened his eyes!

His name is Butters

This is the yellow puppy at 1 1/2 weeks old

giant yellow puppy

Look at the difference! The yellow pup has always been such a butterball!

A few days later the rest of the puppies caught up with the yellow puppy. He is such a little butterball that we’ve started calling him Butters! The others began to open their eyes and walk more instead of crawling. After a few more days they could see much more clearly, which really helped them find mama easier! 😉


It's hard being a puppy!

3/4/12 pups

Here are the puppies at 2 weeks old

they're on the move!

The puppies are on the move!

After about 2 weeks, the puppies were all walking around clumsily on their feet. By the time they were three weeks old, all of them are spending time romping and wrestling with each other. They also grew some very sharp puppy teeth, which is really grating on Sage’s nerves! Since they have gotten so big, Sage is really eating a lot now. She went from eating 6 cups of food a day to more than double that amount!

cute little puppies

They are all over the place!

Puppies licking Sage's dog food

I found these two, Avery and the brown puppy, licking Sage's dog food!

They are growing up soooo fast! I can’t believe that they are now almost 4 weeks old. The puppies keep all of us busy, too! They walk all around our bedroom and even down the hallway, romp with each other, and even growl and bark! With their new abilities you can really see their personalities shining through.


Oh, and they sleep a lot too...

The last picture was taken most recently. It’s hard to judge just how big they really are in this picture, but needless to say that is one big pile of puppies!

Although I swore we wouldn’t do it, some of the puppies have been named. The little female was the first one with a name because she has already been reserved. When Avery is 8 weeks old, she will go home to her new family! The others have been given tentative names to help identify them.

black female pup

Avery is the only female of the litter

Puppies around 2 weeks old

This is when the puppies were about 2 weeks old

The yellow male is called Butters, the small black male is called Runty, the bigger black male is called MJ, and the brown male is just Brownie. Although most of those names are self-explanatory, MJ got his name because he looks and acts just like Malachite did as a puppy. So MJ stands for Malachite Jr., hahaha.

Hopefully we can find suitable homes for all of the babies. The puppies that are still available as of March 15, 2012 are the two black males, MJ and Runty, and the brown male, Brownie. Puppies will be ready for pickup after April 13. If you are interested in a puppy, please let me know!

Aren’t they so cute and fuzzy? I love them!

Sage Had Puppies!

Sage's newborn puppies

Sage's puppies were born February 17, 2012

Another exciting chapter in our lives! Sage had puppies about 2 1/2 weeks ago in February. They are absolutely adorable! Maybe I’m a little biased…but you have to admit that these puppies are so darn cute!

She decided to have them in the middle of the night, much to my dismay. All of the puppies were healthy and loud upon their entry into our world. There are five puppies total, four of them are boys and one is a girl. I took a few photos of them the morning after everyone was born. It was a long night! Sage labored from about 12:00 am until 4:30ish in the morning.

Sage and the babies

Sage laying with her newborn pups

These babies were tiny at birth! The biggest one by far was the yellow puppy. He was 3 times bigger than all of the others when they were born. They were so cute and helpless looking with their closed eyes, but they sure could find mama!

This experience reminds me of some of my fondest childhood memories. My dog had puppies when I was pretty young, maybe about Evie’s age. I remember that childhood feeling of wonder and awe very clearly. It made me appreciate life in a different way and come to understand how nature works. I am so happy that the girls are able to see puppies being born and raised like this because it teaches something special about life.

Yellow baby

Raising puppies is a unique experience that requires and gentle hand and voice, patience, and a lot of floor cleaner. Have you ever raised puppies?

A Dog’s Seeing Eye Dog

Great Dane

Image via Wikipedia

This is such a sweet little story with great pictures. A blind Great Dane has befriended another as a “seeing eye dog!” What an amazing story, you have got to check out the pictures! It made my heart smile. 🙂

A dog’s seeing eye dog – 22 Words.

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