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Which Blocked Chakras Are Causing Chaos In Your Life…?

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Think Once.....!!

Dear Friend,

Is your financial situation, relationships,or your physical and mental health crumbling down right before your eyes? Does it seem like every decision you make only leads to more stress and problems?

For many of us, our lives are filled with countless challenges,struggles, and painful experiences. Often times it may even feel as if you’re sitting in the backseat of a car,

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Folk Remedies for Poison Ivy

Poison ivy sucks! Although I don’t usually get a rash from the irritating plant, both of my girls do. My youngest is very allergic to the plant, while my eldest gets a “normal” rash after contact. Either way, it is a miserable thing to go through for both of them.

Poison ivy produces urushiol to protect the pl...

Poison ivy produces urushiol to protect the plant from herbivores. In humans this chemical produces an allergic skin rash, known as urushiol-induced contact dermatitis. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

After my older daughter got poison ivy recently, I searched til I was blue in the face looking for cures and remedies. I stumbled across this site and thought it was worth a share. 🙂 Check it out:

Poison Ivy & Poison Oak- – Poison Ivy Treatment, Poison Ivy Remedies, Poison Ivy Rash, Natural Remedies for Poison Ivy, Treatment of Poison Oak.

It lists tons of natural, folk remedies used to alleviate the itch and help it heal. There are too many for me to list here, but some of my favorites to try are:

  • Aloe to stop itching and speed healing–apply up to every 2 hours
  • Apple cider vinegar & water–make an equal mix and dab onto rash, let dry, and repeat often
  • Baking soda poultice–make a paste and apply to the affected area, rinse when the poultice no longer feels “cool”
  • Catnip! Use freshly squeezed leaves to make a small amount of juice–helps reduce itching and inflammation
  • Impatiens (aka Jewelweed) leaves can be rubbed over the rash, but don’t rub too much! You can also boil the leaves, stems, & flowers to a deep orange color and make a compress.
  • Plantain leaves (we have these ALL over our yard) can be crushed and applied to the rash to control itch and inflammation
  • Salt water solution applied to the area can help drying and healing of the rash and lesions
  • Tea tree oil promotes healing and relieves itching
  • Fresh watermelon flesh and rind rubbed on the area is supposed to provide relief as well–wonder if this actually works?!

What do you think? Would you try any of these folk remedies?

Poison Ivy Treatments, Anyone?

Spring is here! With the warmer weather and sunshine, we’re finding lots of poison ivy around the woodline. One of my girls is extremely allergic to oily leaves, so we try to avoid it at all costs. My older daughter recently got poison ivy on one of her hands…needless to say, it spread quickly and she ended up with poison ivy on both hands, her forehead, and one elbow.

In a feeble attempt to find a way to make it just go away, I found this informative website:

Poison ivy: Tips for treating and preventing.

Unfortunately, I know poison ivy doesn’t just “go away.” It has to run its course. That means up to 3 weeks of itching and red splotchy spots. 😦 Poor baby!

Poison Ivy, Toxicodendron radicans....Ivy có đ...

Poison Ivy, Toxicodendron radicans….Ivy có độc….#8 (Photo credit: Vietnam Plants & The USA. plants)

I learned to interesting ways to treat the rash. We usually use the old standby, calamine lotion. She also tried applying hydrogen peroxide to the affected areas to help dry the lesions out. It sucks, but nothing is doing much to really relieve the itch for her.

Here are some other suggestions we’ve tried for ditching the poison ivy itch:

  • Oatmeal baths (buy the kit/mix at the pharmacy)
  • Baking soda bath (add 1 cup to a warm bath)
  • Calamine lotion applied to itchy areas
  • Cool compresses to soothe the burning itch
  • Antihistamines could help, but only in oral form–do not apply an antihistamine cream directly to the rash!

I’m interested in trying out some natural or homeopathic remedies to help her get over the itch. Do you know of any natural treatments that have worked for you?

Hip Strengthening for Iliotibial Band Syndrome

Weakness in the hips can be a cause of iliotibial band syndrome. One the flare up has subsided and you feel comfortable stretching, it is time to start strengthening those muscles. Strengthening the hips and thighs is key to preventing another IT band flare up down the road.

The article linked below provides a lot of insight into ITB Syndrome as well as stretches and strengthening exercises. The exercises I’m showing you today were found at this link.

A Runner’s Guide to ITBS

Bridging with Single Leg Raise

Strengthens glutes, obliques, and thighs!

  • Lie on your back with your hands on your hips.
  • Lift hips and shift weight onto one foot.
  • Extend other leg without allowing pelvis to drop–keep it level!
  • Hold for 10 seconds, lower pelvis, and repeat on the other side/leg.

Clam Shell

Improves gluteus medius control and function! 😀

  • Lie on one side with hips bent at a 45 degree angle and the knees at 90 degrees.
  • While keeping your heels together, lift the upper knee by turning your leg out at the hip. Keep your pelvis straight, don’t roll back to lift your leg!
  • Hold for 10 seconds and work up to 10 repetitions. Repeat on the other side.

Step Downs

Strengthen the quads and improve knee control!

  • Find a stable step. It can be between 2-6 inches high.
  • Slowly step down from the step with one leg. Keep your leg straight (knee following toes, not angling inward towards other knee).
  • Keep your pelvis level! Put your hands on your hips to help you see if your pelvis stays level.
  • Repeat, working up to 3 sets of 10. Do both legs evenly!

Round Pen Slowing Coming Together

Ever since we got horses, I’ve been planning on building some kind of enclosed riding area. Once I decided it was going to be an 80 foot diameter round pen, the serious stages of planning went underway. About a year ago I wrote about planning my round pen here. I basically talked about materials, pricing, and trying to decide where to start.

A year later and our round pen is nearing completion! We decided to go with the free/as cheap as possible route and build with all salvaged materials. We cleared a small wooded area for a paddock and used the downed trees from that venture to build the pen. The only things we had to buy were a large box of 4 inch screws and some gas and oil for the chainsaw.

riding in the yard

We ride the horses in the yard usually

horseback riding on a lunge line

Some of the horses have to stay on a line when out in the yard

I found the circumference of my 80 foot diameter round pen by doing a little simple math. The diameter (80) multiplied by Pi (3.14) is equal to the circumference (251.2). I adjusted it to 250 feet around so I could do nice, even 10 foot spacing between each post.

Since the round pen is on a slight incline, we planned to level it by adding fill dirt and building a retaining wall on the downhill side. But, I wanted to be able to use it before we get the fill dirt, since it might be a while. We installed taller posts on the retaining wall side. That way, we can add the retaining wall and fill dirt when we are ready without having to tear all the fencing down and starting from scratch.

After lots of digging, all 25 posts were set at least 2.5 feet into the ground. All of the holes were dug by hand by my family and I. My husband and I easily installed all the crossrails and top rails within a few weekends. We got the gate for free from a nearby farm.

how to build an 80 foot round pen

Our almost free DIY round pen is nearing completion

It’s so close! All it needs now is a few more rails to be safely usable. Before long, we’ll be using this round pen!

Spring is Blooming!

It’s definitely spring time around my neck of the woods! My wildflowers are shooting up and starting to bloom, the sun is shining, and the breeze is blowing. I’m hoping we have just enough rainy days to keep everything as green and beautiful as it is now.

signs of spring

Tiny shasta daisy seedling coming up

pink dianthus blooming

These pink dianthus have been blooming for a few weeks now

We’re seeing butterflies, birds, bees, and all kinds of insects everywhere! I heard that we’re going to be seeing a swarm of cicadas this year. It’s been 17 years since they’ve come out in full force. I hope it isn’t too bad! We have lots of fruit trees and I’ve heard that is what cicadas prefer.

companion garden patches fruit trees

Our garden tilled up into companion patches–you can see our fruit trees behind the garden!

butterfly eating nectar

Check out this pretty tiger swallowtail butterfly stopping by my wildflower garden for a snack!

Wildflowers are my favorite! They are all shooting up so fast out here. Some of them are blooming already. Before long, these beds will be full of vibrant, colorful flowers in different shapes and textures! I love how natural and earthy a wildflower bed looks.


A patch of yarrow growing up

bachelor buttons

A bunch of bachelor buttons will be blooming here before long!

I know the names of lots of wildflowers that pop up, but some of them have me clueless. There is a really pretty variety of pink, white, and red flowers that come up every year in one of my wildflower beds. Do you know what it’s called? I haven’t a clue! If you know what it is, please let me know if the comments section. 🙂

mystery wildflower

What am I?

Stretching the Iliotibial Band

Since my leg has been feeling usable again, I’ve been researching ways to stretch the iliotibial band. Since it is such a large band, it can be tough to get a really good stretch.

Boy, it sure feels awesome when you find that perfect stretch though! I’ve been using the IT band stretch and the bum stretches for my hip pain. It really makes a difference in my day if I start out with these stretches.

The link below is the original page I found these stretches. It is illustrated with cute little stick figures! I thought I could show you the IT band stretches a little better with actual photos though.


IT Band Stretch

Stand on one leg and lean sideways away from that hip. You can put your other leg in front crossways for balance.

Bum Stretch 1

While lying down on your back, cross one leg over the other. Pull the lower leg up towards your chest.

Bum Stretch 2

Sit with one leg bent and cross the other leg over. Press the hip of the crossed leg downwards to stretch.

Just a Lil’ DIY Fire Pit

outdoor fireplace camp fire pit

Our bonfire area

The hubby and I built this awesome area for our bonfires! They seem to be pretty frequent this year, so we finally made an official outdoor fire area. It was fun making this area together and it was very easy and free!

Eddie cut a fallen pine into 3 foot sections to use as benches around the fire. They’re great! The rocks around the fire pit were found around the yard, woods, and the creek. We’re planning on building the rocks up into a more stable wall with some kind of cement or grout soon. For now, the rocks contain the fire and help give it stability.

I just love this spot in our yard now! I’m thinking about adding some mulch or pebbles around it to define the space better. There are so many things we could do with it! Do you have a favorite DIY outdoor area? What is it and how did you build it?

CVHR Spring Hay Fundraiser

central virginia horse rescue dollar hay fundraiser


Don’t you wish they did? LOL Sometimes I do! Horses are expensive to feed and maintain. Central Virginia Horse Rescue has kicked off their Spring Hay Fundraiser with this funny picture! Donations can be sent via snail mail to CVHR at 389 Boydton Plank Road, Brodnax, VA 23920 or via PayPal to .

If everyone who sees this sent $1 to CVHR, they would have enough hay to feed the rescue horses for a year! A dollar isn’t much and every little bit will help feed the horses. Now, off to find a stamp… 🙂

The Walking Dead: Hidden Messages

I don’t know about you all, but TWD recently became an obsession of mine. ^_^ I don’t know how I’m going to handle waiting 6 months to find out what happens next in this gripping tv show on AMC!

Since I’m so…obsessed…I’ve been following all kinds Walking Dead articles and pictures on reddit and Facebook. One such article I read this morning was particularly interesting! You’ll find the link to it below:

The Walking Dead: Hidden Messages In Opening Credits | Walking Dead Pictures.

Basically, the pictures during the opening credits are symbolic of what happened to some of the characters this season. I noticed many of the things mentioned in the article and thought they were some pretty cool clues. However, I must say that the season finale took me totally by surprise!

I was betting on the finale just being all-out war between Woodbury and the prison. Somehow, the complete OPPOSITE of what I expected happened! Still, I am super happy with the outcome and the fact that Rick seems to have found some sense of morality again. He’s always been my favorite character, but I was doubting him for a while there.

Things were pretty crazy for a while with all of his mental struggles. I wonder if Lori will stop haunting him now that he’s focusing on saving the living and fighting only the dead.

Also, I just can’t help but wonder what happened to the Governor–he snapped! I’m sure the next time we see him, it’ll be REALLY interesting.

Do you watch The Walking Dead? Who is your favorite character?

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