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Blood Evidence from People

Blood samples, right: freshly drawn; left: tre...

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It is important to know how to collect blood evidence properly. Law enforcement personnel and their affiliates know this and understand how important it is!

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Blood evidence can be collected from the crime scene, a suspect, victim, or decedent. When collecting blood from a crime scene it is important to collect a sufficiently sized sample and a control swab. The sample must be allowed to dry completely before being packaged in a breathable container.

Collecting blood from a person (alive or dead) takes a bit more experience. Blood may be drawn from a living subject by authorized personnel only. The medical examiner may collect blood from deceased individuals during autopsy.

Pictured to the right are two blood samples. The one on the right has been treated with an anticoagulant known as EDTA while the sample on the left is an untreated sample that has separated.

Whether blood is collected from the crime scene or from a person it is equally important evidence. It must be carefully collected and entered into the chain of custody to protect the integrity of the evidence.


Blood Evidence from a Crime Scene

Since we talked about the OJ Simpson murder trial, I figured it would be fitting to talk about blood evidence. This type of biological evidence can make or break a case–especially now that DNA technology is available.

There are proper blood collection techniques that must be followed by law enforcement personnel. These techniques are taught in the Academy and various degree programs. It all boils down to preventing contamination, packaging in a breathable container, and following departmental procedures.

One thing I was taught over and over was this: NEVER package blood evidence in a plastic container. Ever. It will degrade even after a short amount of time, which can render the sample useless in court. Kind of like what happened in the OJ case…

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Did O.J. Do It?

This case comes up over and over again. When I was in school we talked about the OJ murder trial every term. There was so much evidence and yet no conviction. You may be surprised to learn of the many mistakes made during the investigation. I certainly was! This is a must read article–especially if you want to form an educated opinion on this infamous case!

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