Nutrient Deficiencies: Look at the Leaves!

Ever wonder why your plants‘ leaves are turning funny colors or just not looking so good? Me too! I found this informative article all about how to identify nutrient deficiencies in plants. If you have a garden, you should definitely check it out!

Identifying Nutrient Deficiencies in the Garden | ECHO Community Gardens – ECHO.

Basically, you need to keep an eye on your garden and really pay attention to the condition of the leaves on your plants. You should be looking at the old leaves, new leaves, leaf edges, and even the veins in the leaves!

Once you identify which nutrients your plants are lacking, you can fix the problem by applying fertilizer or other things to the soil around your plants.

I recommend using a nice, rich organic compost in your garden. If you aren’t able to make your own, you can buy bagged compost at most garden centers.

Deficiencies you can observe in your plants’ leaves:

Identify deficiencies in your plants by looking at the leaves!

  • Not enough nitrogen presents as yellowing of the leaves from the bottom of the plant to the top. The leaves will look pale throughout the plant and the yellowing will begin on the outer edges of the leaves.
  • Too little phosphorus can make leaf tips look burnt and leaves closer to the bottom of the plant may turn dark green to reddish purple.
  • Older leaves on the bottom of the plant will begin to look wilted and scorched if you have a potassium deficiency. You may also notice the leaves losing color from the base of the leaf inward from leaf margins.
  • If calcium is lacking, you’ll noticed newer leaves at the top looking distorted or odd-shaped. It can also cause premature rotting of fruits/vegetables.
  • Too little magnesium makes leaves turn yellow on the edges from the bottom of the plant up. A green arrowhead shape will be left in the center of the affected leaves.
  • Sulfur deficiency causes young leaves at the top of the plant to turn yellow. Sometimes the bottom leaves at the base of the plant will also turn yellow.

Do you have a garden? Have you noticed any of the leaves showing symptoms of nutrient deficiencies? How did you fix it?

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