Nitrogen Deficiency – My Poor Broccoli!

Last weekend we bought some broccoli and cauliflower seedlings for the garden. We found them at a plant stand in near the flea market while we were out and about doing our Saturday errands.

We got two 4-packs for a dollar each. Can’t beat that price! The only problem is they aren’t looking so good now…so I did a little hunting. The lower leaves are yellowing quickly and the little seedlings look pretty sad. I need to fix them fast before they die!

Help! I need nitrogen!

Yellowing leaves indicates nitrogen deficiency

I quickly learned that broccoli plants are susceptible to nitrogen deficiency. Thank you, wikipedia! I really hope this helps my sad little broccolis.

Interestingly, plants are more likely to become nitrogen deficient if there is sawdust present in the soil. That’s because of the high carbon content in sawdust. Now I’m pretty sure plant stand guy said he used composted manure and sawdust for his greenhouse plants…

So how do you treat nitrogen deficiency in plants? By adding a nitrogen rich fertilizer! You can use blood meal or some other kind of fertilizer. However, be careful not to apply a fertilizer with too much phosphorus.  This encourages early bloom, which could make your yields smaller. Blood meal is the way to go to heal your nitrogen deficient plants!

Nitrogen deficiency – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.


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