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Doctor’s Orders


Well, it finally happened.


My knee has finally decided it doesn’t want to carry me around anymore and has been loudly protesting at my every move. After a week of agony and praying that it would feel better the following day, I dragged myself to the doctor. She immediately recommended that I see an orthopedist and said my injury could not be diagnosed without an MRI.




As of now, I have no insurance. And it is less than a month until Christmas. And we have yet to buy ANYTHING for the kids. I’ve got to get my butt moving on my holiday crafts, since that is likely all that is going to happen at this point.



Presents (Photo credit: Alice Harold)

I am at a loss…I feel like I have to choose between my health and well being or having Christmas this year. Things are always tight for us, but this is really pushing us over the edge. Plus, I am not allowed to go horseback riding until further notice. Ugh.



No horseback riding for me… 😦

So, here I sit in front of the computer, resting my bum knee, and racking my brain for ways to either make some extra money very quickly or find a few gifts for my girls that are free or very cheap. All I can think about is how depressing this is for me.


Any advice out there? The world feels so cold, dark, and hopeless right now. A friend of mine suggested I ask for donations, but that makes me feel like a total mooch. Any other ideas out there?



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