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Custom Fleece Helmet Covers are AWESOME!

It’s Cyber Monday! Are you partaking in any holiday online shopping today? If so, you should definitely consider searching for handmade items to support artisans that make a living right here in the USA.

A good friend of mine makes so many FABULOUS items as a side business. She makes western show shirts, saddle pads, saddle covers, fleece sheets, scarves, and so much more!

Today I am trying to help her promote a very popular item, her custom made fleece helmet covers! They are super warm and so cute! These would make a great gift for any equestrian and come in a variety of colors. They are handmade right here in the USA, which is fantastic! Support small, local businesses and buy handmade this year!

If you want to see more of what HeatherWear has available, check out the links below:

Fleece shop – HeatherWear

HeatherWear on Facebook


Blog Inspiration: 11th Picture in a Google Image Search for the Term “Derecho”

This activity was fun and inspirational! I enjoyed seeing the different photos of the Derecho and writing about the 11th one for this prompt.

Derecho storm over Kansas

Amazing clouds from the Derecho over the summer!                                                                                         (Image Credit:

Today I did a Google Image search on the word “Derecho.” I chose this word because we were affected by this type of windy thunderstorm back in June. That storm inspired me to name our “stray” stallion Derecho.

The 11th picture on the image search is an amazing photograph of a Derecho sweeping across the plains of Kansas (above). These storms are absolutely incredible to look at because they are an eerily beautiful phenomenon. A Derecho is basically a huge storm system that moves rapidly across land in a straight line. The after effects of a Derecho are often catastrophic, leaving trees uprooted, debris everywhere, and many people without power.

Power lines down in Crozet, VA after the Derecho!                                                                                              (Image Credit:

We decided to name the stallion (now a Great Gelding, thanks to CVHR!) Derecho because he showed up a few days after the storm. Fortunately, he is not wild and crazy like the storm was! He is just a beautiful creature that happened upon us one summer morning.

Our Derecho!

Do you remember the Derecho from earlier this year? Were you affected by it? It certainly was scary for us here in Virginia!

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