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It Ain’t Easy Savin’ Horses

Each week a new group of horses runs through the auction circuit. Some of the horses have been there before, some haven’t, and others will never see it again. Many horses ship to slaughter each week, slipping through the cracks to their doom. Horse lovers from coast to coast do what they can to rescue these animals.

White horse in field

White horse in field (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Here on the East coast there is a big auction every week in New Holland. Lots of horses of all kinds end up there. Old horses, cart horses, gaited horses, young studs, yearlings, registered horses, successful race horses, polo horses, and show or event horses can (and have) ended up on the slaughter circuit. We try to save these horses by supporting groups who are able to work with the auction circuit every week. They share pictures, information, and stories about the horses. Some of the registered horses can have extensive documented history of winnings, lineage, points, et cetera.We do our best to save as many as we can by working together.

Thoroughbred racing at Churchill Downs. França...

Thoroughbred racing at Churchill Downs. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I wish I could save them all! Every week I watch the horses that go through…the ones I know about. For the dozens that I see each week, I know there are thousands more across the country that I’m not seeing. I’m actually glad for that…it would probably kill me to really know how many horses really are going to slaughter each week.


Herds (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The only way we can keep more horses (many of them are perfectly fine, sound, and trainable!) safe is to work together. We must share their stories and spread knowledge about the industry. Learn what’s going on around you and tell that story! It may be awful to discover some news, such as finding that a slaughter plant in the US wants to process horses for human consumption…for now these horses are shipped to either Canada or Mexico.

The best news is always good news, right? Well share that, too!

Speaking of good news, I would like to share Tinker’s story with you for a moment. She is a registered 12 year old Quarter Horse mare. Tinker was hip #549, a slaughter-bound horse in New Jersey. She was one of the last horses standing on the lot!

Hip #549

Saved! (Photo Credit: Sarah Andrew)

Now, Tinker has been rescued! We all worked together by networking, sharing, and donating within our social network to find a home and funds for her…and saved her! Tinker will be going to live on Equus Springs Farm in Scottsville, Virginia.

If we can do it, you can too! Every little bit helps save a horse, even word of mouth!


Poetry, Music, and Good Times

Writing is one of my favorite past times, especially when the weather outside is yucky. Lately I haven’t been writing as much because I can’t justify sitting inside on the computer while the sun is shining out there!

Over the years I have compiled quite a bit of poetry. It seems like I go through phases of writing poetry and stories. The most poetry I ever wrote was during my high school years! I used to make myself write at least one poem every day. Now, I just write poetry when I am compelled to do so.

Recently I began to tinker with the idea of writing song lyrics. Most songs are written in a poetic kind of way because they are arranged in stanzas or “verses” and have some kind of rhyming scheme. My husband and I sometimes sit out on the porch together and work on our “music.” He plays around on the guitar with different melodies and I write while he plays. Eddie is the musically inclined one in the family, so it’s always awesome to sit around and listen to him play. It is so much fun!

Like I mentioned earlier, I haven’t been in the mood to write recently. It’s spring time and there is A LOT of work to do out on the farm. Between planting, fixing fence, and tending to all of the animals, I don’t have much leftover time to write! Once things slow down a bit I’ll probably be writing a lot more regularly again…hopefully! 😉

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