Sage Had Puppies!

Sage's newborn puppies

Sage's puppies were born February 17, 2012

Another exciting chapter in our lives! Sage had puppies about 2 1/2 weeks ago in February. They are absolutely adorable! Maybe I’m a little biased…but you have to admit that these puppies are so darn cute!

She decided to have them in the middle of the night, much to my dismay. All of the puppies were healthy and loud upon their entry into our world. There are five puppies total, four of them are boys and one is a girl. I took a few photos of them the morning after everyone was born. It was a long night! Sage labored from about 12:00 am until 4:30ish in the morning.

Sage and the babies

Sage laying with her newborn pups

These babies were tiny at birth! The biggest one by far was the yellow puppy. He was 3 times bigger than all of the others when they were born. They were so cute and helpless looking with their closed eyes, but they sure could find mama!

This experience reminds me of some of my fondest childhood memories. My dog had puppies when I was pretty young, maybe about Evie’s age. I remember that childhood feeling of wonder and awe very clearly. It made me appreciate life in a different way and come to understand how nature works. I am so happy that the girls are able to see puppies being born and raised like this because it teaches something special about life.

Yellow baby

Raising puppies is a unique experience that requires and gentle hand and voice, patience, and a lot of floor cleaner. Have you ever raised puppies?


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