Lost in the Internet Wasteland…

So…I must apologize for not posting in several days. Our family has been going through the hoops of a nasty stomach virus of some kind. That crud really took it out of me!

The day before yesterday I wrote out a long, passionate blog post because of my nomination for the Versatile Blogger Award. (Thanks, Nokota!) In all honesty, it took me a total of 3 days to finish that blog post because I was trying to follow the “rules” very carefully and thoughtfully. When it was finally perfect, I hit the publish button and left my computer for the day to take care of my sick husband.

Nokota Horse

Nokota Horse (Photo credit: Lance and Erin)

Yesterday I logged on to check my stats and think of something to write about…only to find that my post was NOT published. In fact, only an early draft of it was saved! Most of the hard work (like choosing blogs to nominate) was not saved. It was all lost in what I have dubbed “internet wasteland.”

Have you heard of the internet wasteland? That is where all your hard work goes when it is lost forever, irretrievable, gone, due to a server error of some kind or another. In other words, FRUSTRATING as ****, if you’ll pardon my language.

Click to visit Hell

LOL! This is a real screenshot from the other day when I was working on my VBA post.

Upon that discovery I promptly shut my laptop and went outside to blow off some steam. Thankfully I had a destructive task on the to do list! With the help of my neighbor we removed an 80 foot section of fence for an upcoming project. Soon a round pen will go in that gap…perfect for training our newest addition, Gamble.

SCS herd

Gamble up in front of the herd 🙂

This morning I thought I’d try my hand at re-writing my VBA blog post…but I’m still madder than hell at the computer for dumping my hard work into the internet wasteland. I’m going to go outside again today instead of worrying about writing today…

Until next time, take it easy!


About Genevieve

Genevieve is a southern gal who loves to write. She is a graduate of Everest College with an AAS in Criminal Investigations. Currently, she works as a freelance writer and volunteers for Central Virginia Horse Rescue by writing their monthly newsletter. If she's not writing, you can bet she's either spending time with friends and family, playing with the horses, crafting, or reading. Interested in having a guest blog appearance? Email sunshineleo05@gmail.com to get in touch! P.S. Subscribe by RSS feed if you are interested in following her creative insanity... ;)

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  1. Hope y’all well again. Know how you feel about the …net. Our internet connection out here can be a real …. at times. Gives you a good excuse to stay outside with the horses. 🙂

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