Best Childhood Game Played in my Old House

Our childhoods are often defined by where we lived. Those early years help shape us into the people we are today. Your childhood environment played a part in the person you became, whether it was a farm house, mansion, cardboard box, duplex, or apartment. Fortunately, I grew up on a farm. Unfortunately, my childhood house was comparable to a cracker box.


Image Credit: Fields and Footpath nearby to Lower Vicarwood farm, Mackworth, Derbyshire

My childhood home rested on a large farm, nestled among rolling hills back on the bend. We lived near a big creek and our pasture had a natural spring in it as well. There were lots of things to do and plenty of places to make memories on that farm.

The house itself was nothing special, just a temporary living situation while our real house was being built on the property. My Dad was determined to build that house all on his own without taking out a loan or mortgage to help with the cost. As a result, the house house still is not complete 20-some years later… Anyway, we lived in a small mobile-type home beside the house being built.


Fishing at the reservoir in Scottsville

It was small and ugly, but it was my home. Our rooms were tiny, the walls were paper-thin, and the doors seemed like cardboard. Although much of my time was spent outside playing, tending to the animals, or going horseback riding, sometimes we did play inside. We would roller skate up and down the hallway, do gymnastics on the couch in the living room, and build forts by the piano.

My favorite memory involves my best friend, Emily. We used to play a special version of “hide and seek” that was perfect for the small space. One of us, the “hider,” would go hide down the hallway somewhere while the other walked down the hall. When walking down the hall, the “seeker” had to close their eyes tightly and run their hands along the hall walls.

At just the right moment, the “hider” would jump out and grab the “seeker.” This usually resulted in frightening the “seeker” silly, complete with shrieks, screams, and giggles. It was great fun for us because we liked scaring each other.

Being scared was a fun feeling and getting to see your best friend scream and jump was hilarious! We played this modified version of “hide and seek” quite often.

Do you have a favorite game, activity, or special memory from childhood? Is it a traditional game, or did you make up your own version?

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