Sunshine, Rain, and Even Snow are Fine…But Please Keep the Wind Away!

Sunshine is amazing! Who doesn’t love a beautiful, sunny day? The rain has its own time and place that we must respect. Heck, there are even times that the snow is enjoyable! But the wind? Please keep that one to yourself, Mother Nature!


Calm Before the Storm

The weather can affect your mood a great deal, as it does for many of us. Despite the time of year or the season, there is nothing quite like a beautiful, sunny day. On the other hand, many people associate rain with a lazy day snuggling on the couch. We are conditioned by society to be influenced by the weather.

Since the beginning of time humans have been affected by the weather. It’s in our very nature to react a certain way to sunshine, wind, rain, or hail. So, of course it’s no surprise that the weather dictates our days.


Coda munching some hay on a sunny day

Interestingly, the weather also affects the behavior of animals. Have you ever noticed how your pets act differently prior to a storm? Your dogs may get anxious or hide, the cats suddenly all want to come inside, and the cows lay down out in the field. Then you look outside and see the leaves turned up and come to the conclusion that rain is coming.

Flame Kitty

Flame Kitty hanging out on top of the screen door

My favorite type of weather is a warm, breezy day with extra sunshine. The animals are sane for a change, sometimes even downright lazy when the sun is really beating down. Horses graze, roll, and lounge in the sunshine on pretty spring or summer days.

The worst kind of weather comes with high winds. It doesn’t matter if it’s raining, snowing, sleeting, or just plain windy, that is when everything seems to go awry. The horses act incredibly spooky when the “wind trolls” are out and about and even the dogs and cats are extra frisky. I don’t mind the rain, but please keep the wind to yourself, Mother Nature! Hahah!

Evie & Princess

Evie riding Princess

Somehow even the sanest and safest horse we own acts a little funny when it’s windy. Normally, you have to work to get him moving because Money is an old guy! He needs a little extra encouragement, but that is all part of his charm. 😉 Last time the girls rode him when it was a bit windy, I didn’t give it a second thought because they were riding MONEY. What’s he going to do? Nothing! Or so I thought…

Until he decided he was done being ridden for the day. The first and only time I’ve seen Money canter (since we’ve had him) was on that windy afternoon! It was a really slow canter, I probably could have jogged beside him and kept up with him, but still!

Money broke into the canter with Evie for several strides. She rode through it and laughed it off. We all thought it was pretty funny. That kind of behavior is expected from Princess and even Coda, but Money? Haha. Looking back, I wonder if Money saw the dreaded “wind trolls,” or if he just felt like kicking up his heels a bit?

Annabelle & Money

Annabelle riding Money

What kind of weather do you prefer, a warm sunny day or a crisp snowy morning? What is your least favorite type of weather?

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