Be Vibrant!

Some of you may not be aware, but right now I currently have pink hair.


My Fabulous Pink & Blue Hair

I know I get strange looks sometimes, but I love it. It’s just me, I’m vibrant! Maybe it was meant to be, since I’m a Leo. Whatever the case may be, I love having vibrantly colored hair. There is a slight history with me and wacky hair dye.

The first time I dyed my hair a vibrant color was in middle school. As an 8th grader, I longed to have red streaks in my blonde hair. Somehow I convinced my mom that this was a good idea and she agreed to buy the dye and apply it for me. We dyed my hair one evening, carefully foiling each section for perfect streaks. I let it sit in my hair, rinsed it out, and went to bed. The next morning I awakened to find my hair was not streaked red. It was ALL red. Like, fire truck red. WHOA.

At first I was upset and embarrassed, but after a day or two I really loved it. Even though I was the shy, quiet girl at school, having red hair somehow helped me open up a bit. I liked it! After several months it gradually turned to pink and finally faded out completely.

The next time I dyed my hair was after I had my daughter. Again, my Mom helped me do the work and it came out a dark pink/fuschia color. It was kind of pinkish-reddish-purple. Awesome! I still remember the way Annabelle looked at me and laughed when it was done. She was about 18months old and she thought it was pretty funny!

About 3 years ago I did it again. This time I went for red again, but I found the best brand of hair dye I have ever used for vibrant hair: Splat hair dye. Previously I had used the brand L’Oreal, they had kits for both red and fuchsia hair. The colors looked awesome but faded quickly with my hair.


Red Hair 2010

Splat is a stain, not a dye. That means you can leave it in your hair for as long as you want! Eddie put the dye in really thick, using the whole bottle of dye. He wrapped the dyed portion in foil and applied heat with my hair dryer for about 10 minutes. Then I left it in for about 3 hours and got in the shower to rinse it out.

It looked like a murder scene in the shower! Red stain got everywhere! However, my hair turned out stunningly. I loved it! I continued to keep dying my hair with red Splat dye until Eddie proposed to me in November of 2010.

Suddenly I wanted to look “natural” for my wedding. I tried to dye my hair blonde again with no success. Even brunette dye wouldn’t cover up the red! It was literally stuck in the pores of my hair. Although it was frustrating at the time, that is one of the reasons I really love Splat hair dye. Of course it fades a little over time, but it really sticks in my hair!

I ended up with brownish-red hair for my wedding. Only a few months passed before I decided I wanted to go vibrant again. What color now? Pink, of course!


About Genevieve

Genevieve is a southern gal who loves to write. She is a graduate of Everest College with an AAS in Criminal Investigations. Currently, she works as a freelance writer and volunteers for Central Virginia Horse Rescue by writing their monthly newsletter. If she's not writing, you can bet she's either spending time with friends and family, playing with the horses, crafting, or reading. Interested in having a guest blog appearance? Email to get in touch! P.S. Subscribe by RSS feed if you are interested in following her creative insanity... ;)

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