Winter is My LEAST Favorite Season

Is it summer yet? I’m SO done with this cold weather! Haha.


Winter snowy scene

Winter is my least favorite season. It’s too cold! I have a hard time staying warm at all, so the frigid winter conditions make me want to stay inside…which I don’t like doing. I’ve been known to wear a coat when it’s 80 degrees (Fahrenheit). My husband thinks I’m absolutely insane when I do that! Hahah.

My ancestors must be from somewhere warm, sunny, and tropical because I do not handle the cold well. Eddie is the complete opposite! He’s from England where the weather is always colder and more brutal. He’ll be complaining about how hot it is while I’m shivering. Or he’ll go outside with just a t-shirt on and I need to wear 3 shirts, a sweater, coat, and scarf to be warm.

The best way to stay warm during the winter is to pile on the layers and sit as close to the fire as I can. I absolutely love our old wood stove! It pumps out some serious heat and keeps the house warm for hours and hours.

When I have to go outside I just pile on some serious layers. I’ll wear two pairs of pants, extra socks, and I’ve even been known to wear 4 shirts plus a coat, scarf, and hat. Oh, and don’t forget the gloves! That usually keeps me sufficiently warm to do my daily work outside.

Going horseback riding is a great way to stay warm! As long as the weather is nice (no snow or ice), then I like to go riding. I stay really warm because I’m working! The only thing that usually gets cold is my nose and maybe my ears.

So there you have it! I don’t like the cold AT ALL! Do you?

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Genevieve is a southern gal who loves to write. She is a graduate of Everest College with an AAS in Criminal Investigations. Currently, she works as a freelance writer and volunteers for Central Virginia Horse Rescue by writing their monthly newsletter. If she's not writing, you can bet she's either spending time with friends and family, playing with the horses, crafting, or reading. Interested in having a guest blog appearance? Email to get in touch! P.S. Subscribe by RSS feed if you are interested in following her creative insanity... ;)

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  1. Thanks for following my blog so it’s only right that I return the favor.

    Irony is though-I live in the Caribbean islands[I know that’s like running it in]so I can definitely relate to wanting the Winter to leave PRONTO lmao.

    Maybe afterall,your ancestors are from the tropics lol.

    • Oh you’re so lucky! 😉 One day I want to visit the Caribbean. It’s supposed to be 8 degrees F here tonight! Far too cold if you ask me, lol!

      • I grew up in NYC my entire life but I don’t even remember how 60 degrees farenheit feels(since I left the states 8 years ago).I couldn’t image 8 degrees.You need to take a trip down here.

      • Now it is COLD up in NY. A friend of mine moved from Florida to NY and he keeps saying how cold it is up there, lol.

  2. Years ago, when I was younger, I used to love winter the most. Cuddle weather. But now I don’t think I can stand the cold anymore when I go to work so early in the morning and have no one to cuddle with in the night either. 😀

    • Me too! I enjoyed the winter as a child because of snow days! It meant no school, hot home-cooked meals, and sitting in front of the fire. Although I never did like sledding, I loved building snow men and walking in the snow. 🙂

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