The Grinch in Me

Gift Box

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It is the best of times, it is the worst of times.

I Love the Holidays

I love the holidays because there is a special warmth to this time of year. People are kinder just because “it’s Christmas” and everyone is more compassionate than usual.

We are encouraged to give to those we love. Although I do like receiving gifts (who doesn’t haha), I love giving. It makes me feel so happy to give something special to the people I love.

Bah Humbug!

There is also the flip side of the holiday season. Money! Or the lack thereof. Hah. The prices of everything is grossly inflated…meaning that giving is become very expensive. I usually have a long list of people I want to give gifts to. Unfortunately this year I cannot afford to give gifts to everyone.

It’s hard to pick out the people who “really matter” when it comes to gift-giving. I wish money was never an issue. I guess we just do the best we can… I try to at least let everyone know I am thinking of them with a sweet note or card this time of year. If only I could afford to buy stamps…hahah.

Christmas gifts

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Do Away With the Commercialized Christmas

I think that the holiday season has become too commercialized anyway. Why should we have to go out and buy an excessive amount of gifts for everyone on our lists? Who can afford to do that?!

This time of year is supposed to be about family, friends, sharing, and giving. That doesn’t mean break the bank, it means give what you can–even if it is only some quality time together.

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  1. Thanks for the pingback to this article.Appreciate it.

    That key point was made in my short article which was to basically cut out the commercialism and money-making side to it.

    • You’re welcome! I agree with you 100%, it has become so much about buying things that the true meaning of Christmas is lost to many.

      • Basically that’s my point.

        Despite my difference on Christmas(as far as not believing Jesus was born that season),why isn’t he more featured in anything during the holiday season?Santa is more acknowledged than Jesus lol

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