Are You Prepared for the Zombie Apocalypse?

English: Zombies

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Do you think it could happen? There are countless movies considering this haunting possibility. The government is probably doing secret experiments developing biological weaponry…if this is true, anything is possible!

Would you survive? You can check out this list to see if you would make the cut: How to Survive The Zombie Apocalypse | PurpleSlinky. Although it is written in good humor I would suggest you do some things to prepare.

After all, you never know for sure.

We need to be prepared for a disastrous, life-changing situation (even if it doesn’t include zombies). You should always keep extra food and water stockpiled for your family. Consider the basic necessities you need to survive should disaster strike and get them!

As the old saying goes, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. Be ready for disasters, whether it be zombies,an earthquake, a flood, or a tornado!


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Genevieve is a southern gal who loves to write. She is a graduate of Everest College with an AAS in Criminal Investigations. Currently, she works as a freelance writer and volunteers for Central Virginia Horse Rescue by writing their monthly newsletter. If she's not writing, you can bet she's either spending time with friends and family, playing with the horses, crafting, or reading. Interested in having a guest blog appearance? Email to get in touch! P.S. Subscribe by RSS feed if you are interested in following her creative insanity... ;)

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