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Do You Remember?

In this love poem I reminisced on the past year and all that I have been through since last fall. My husband proposed to me last fall, we planned the wedding in a blur of months, and were married in July. This poem makes me smile as I recall the days of the past. I look forward to the future and what it will bring. 🙂

Read on to see this sweet poem!

Do You Remember? | Authspot.

I Got Enough

This is a song/poem about loving what you have. We might not have all the money we want or the fancy material things everyone thinks is cool, but there is plenty in life to cherish. Look at what you have in life and be thankful for it.

Check out this poem, it is beautiful and inspirational.

I Got Enough | Gomestic.

Should We Eat Meat or Wear Animal Skins?

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Image by blmiers2 via Flickr

Many people feel that eating meat or using animal skins is wrong. I do not think this is wrong in all situations, but sometimes it is not okay. If the animal is wasted then it is not okay to me. It also depends on the species of animal; some animals are raised for meat or their hide while others are considered pets.

Read this article to find a more in-depth analysis of this controversial topic:

Should We Eat Meat or Wear Animal Skins? | Socyberty.

Can You Live Without Technology?

Without technology, neither you nor I would be where we are today! Do you think you could function without it? Technology has changed my life so much, I am not sure I could go back! Could you?

In this article we discuss three types of technology that have changed out lives immensely. Check it out to see what they are!

Can You Live Without Technology? | Socyberty.

Solid Ground

Sometimes you need a pick-me-up. This poem (or possibly song!) aims to do just that! It tries to get you to keep your head up and be proud of what you have. You should totally check it out, it is very uplifting!

Solid Ground | Authspot.

Self Defense or Murder?

Would you kill another human being in self defense? Do you believe murder should be excused in this situation?

This type of killing happens all the time. People feel that in order to protect themselves or those around them they must take extreme measures. The law seems to consider this and make exceptions in some cases.

Read this article to see a more in-depth debate on this topic: Defense or Murder? | Bizcovering.

Does Animal Testing Really Benefit Our Lives?

Animal,Porkey Pig, Lobund-Wistar

Image via Wikipedia

Animal testing conducted frequently across the world. These animals are dosed with medications, forced to breathe smoke and gases, and even put through surgeries in order to “benefit” human life. I do not agree with this type of testing for a number of reasons. First and foremost, how can testing on animals show us how drugs or products will affect us? We are different species. Obviously these things will affect animals differently.

What is your opinion on animal testing? Do you think it is beneficial to our society, or do you think it is wrong and inhumane? Check out the article below to learn more about this controversial topic.

Does Animal Testing Really Benefit Our Lives? | Socyberty.

Do You Advertise?

Advertising is essential in promoting your business! How do you get the word out? There are many ways to do so effectively, especially with the internet at our fingertips. Check out this article to learn a little bit about advertising! You may be able to improve your advertising campaign and learn some valuable techniques. 🙂

Do You Advertise? | Bizcovering.

Networking on Facebook



Ah, Facebook. This social network has become explosively popular since its advent. People from all around the world use Facebook to stay in touch and make new friends. Do you Facebook?

Facebook is actually a great networking tool for friends, families, and businesses alike. Check out the article below to learn more about the value Facebook offers!

Networking on Facebook | Webupon.

How Do You Relieve Stress?

Stressed? Worried? Spread too thin? I know how you feel. There are many things you can do to help relieve that persistent stress.

Do something that you enjoy! Laugh, talk, watch a movie, or do a cartwheel. You know best what makes you feel better. I know I feel better when I do something productive, even if it is as simple as making my bed! Above all, find what makes you happy and use that to fight back against stress.

Interested in some more great stress relieving tips? Read this article to learn more: How Do You Relieve Stress? | Healthmad.

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