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Psychosurgery: Historic Prefrontal Lobotomies

After learning about the basic structures and functions of the brain, can you believe that historic psychosurgeries involved inflicting brain damage on mentally ill patients? I was appalled to learn this! Apparently the procedure that many refer to as the “ice pick lobotomy” was used on many people to make them “more manageable.” For more information on this historic procedure, check out the article below!

Psychosurgery: Historic Prefrontal Lobotomies | Socyberty.


Men and Women Use Their Brains Differently

Did you ever wonder why men and women seem so different? I have from time to time. Apparently this difference has a lot to do with basic brain structures and thought processes. In short, men and women think differently because they use different parts of the brain to process thoughts. Want to learn more? Check out the link below to the full article!

Men and Women Use Their Brains Differently | BeyondJane.

Jobs of The Brain

The cerebral cortex is divided into four different lobes. Each lobe of the brain is responsible for a different job. It is interesting to learn about the location of each lobe and what it does. I was very intrigued by the brain and how different parts of the brain control different functions, such as responding to visual or auditory stimuli. If you want to learn more about the four lobes of the brain, check out the article below!

Jobs of The Brain | Healthmad.

Art of Ancient History

Great Sphinx of Giza and Khafre’s Pyramid, Giz...

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The art of ancient civilizations gives a unique glimpse into the past. By studying ancient art, we can learn more about these civilizations.

Art was created to pay homage to important beliefs or people. Many ancient civilizations created grand artistic monuments to honor the dead, gods, religion, and life.

For more detailed information and a peek into the past of five great civilizations, check out this article: Art of Ancient History | Socyberty.

The Basics of The Brain

Our brains are one of the most fascinating organs in our bodies. These powerhouses control our every move, both voluntary and involuntary actions. The article below talks about the basic structures of the brain and what each one is responsible for controlling in everyday life. If the brain intrigues you as well, you should totally check it out! 🙂

The Basics of The Brain | Healthmad.

No Money, No Worries

Here is a poem that reflects on times during a hard financial situation. We have all been there at some point in our lives! After a while, you learn that life is about the things you have, not the money you do not have. It can be a hard lesson to learn, but it is important to realize that you can be happy and broke.

Check out this recent poem!

No Money, No Worries | Authspot.

Palmyra Post Office Bust, Not Bomb

After a thorough investigation was conducted into the possible bombing, officials determined that the supposed bomb was no more than a busted packaged. A chemical sealant that was improperly packaged busted in transit. The mess took the better part of a day to investigate. Thankfully the busted package was not a health threat to the community.

For the full story, check out the article below!

Palmyra Post Office Bust, Not Bomb | Newsflavor.

Small Town Proud

Here is a poem that could easily be set to a great country tune as a song. This is how I grew up! I could not imagine life any other way. It talks about life in a small town and stresses that little towns are proud. 🙂 Check out the link to read the song!

Small Town Proud | Musicouch.

Palmyra Post Office Bombed


Last week the small town of Palmyra had a big scare. There were rumors of the post office being bombed after a suspicious package popped. The FBI, Post Inspectors, Haz-mat team, bomb-sniffing dogs, state and local police, and fire rescue teams responded to the scene. One of the main roads in Fluvanna was shut down for most of the day while the Haz-mat robot and other officials investigated the possible bomb scene. Citizens feared this event was a terrorist attack or another anthrax scare.

Palmyra Post Office Bombed | Newsflavor.


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