Summerville, SC Man Steals Police Car

The world is fully of crazy people. I read about stories like this everyday; crooks, murderers, car jackers, you name it! This one hit close to home for me because a good friend of mine lives in Summerville, South Carolina; which is where this event took place.

Apparently, this man was pulled over for a routine traffic stop. For some reason, he decided it would be a good idea to try and fight with the officer who pulled him over. Within minutes of initiating the fight, back-up arrives. Unfortunately, the suspect then steals a police car and takes it for a joy ride down the highway. The entire event is caught on the cop car’s dash cam! It shows snippets of the fight, the suspect driving, and the eventual crash several minutes later. The video quality is not great, but you can really get an idea of what happened.

Upon apprehension, the man was arrested. He was charged with reckless driving, strong armed robbery, assault of a police officer, resisting arrest, motor vehicle theft, possession of a firearm by a felon, and failure to stop for blue lights. Wow, that is a lot of charges! Although this happened in May, the video of the event has recently surfaced online. In retrospect, do you think the suspect wishes he had simply complied with the routine traffic stop?

Check out the article below to see the video!

Arthur Lee Thompson, South Carolina Man, Fights Police Officer, Steals Cop Car, Crashes It (VIDEO).


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