Child Dies After Being Denied Water as Punishment in Texas

This is sickening. I still cannot believe how some people treat their children! It seems as if parents “accidentally” killing their children cases are on the rise.

In this case, Texas parents denied their 10 year old son water for 5 days because he wet the bed. First of all, you do not punish your child for wetting the bed because that is an accident in my book! Second of all, denial of water is not a form of punishment that should ever be undertaken. Water is a basic human need! If we do not drink water, we die; it is as simple as that. What is wrong with these people? Why didn’t anyone step in to save this child? It saddens me to no end that there are children who fall victim to such situations everyday, everywhere.

Police: Jonathan James, 10-Year-Old, Died After Being Denied Water As Punishment.


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