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Mother Slays Two Young Daughters With Hatchet

This is such a sad and disturbing story! This woman murdered her two little girls, ages 4 and 7, claiming that a ghost did committed the slayings. The woman had self-inflicted wounds from the hatchet and expressed interest in dying herself.

The mother has been charged with two counts of murder in the first degree. Police are investigating the mental stability of this women, who was on depression medication that was prescribed after she had a miscarriage.

First of all, I cannot even fathom how a mother could commit such an act. These were her babies, her sweet young, innocent daughters that she mercilessly slayed with a hatchet. Those poor babies! At least their suffering is over now.

As the investigation continues, police will determine her mental state and whether or not this contributed to the crime. Did the drugs she was prescribed make her crazy? Or was she in such a deep depression after her miscarriage that she needed more support? Although I do believe that anti-depressants can be beneficial to some, the treatment should be closely monitored for both improvement and decline.

Naiyana Gauri Patel, Accused Of Murder, Blames ‘Ghost’ For Death Of Two Young Daughters.



This piece of verse is one of my earliest recorded poems. It details my struggle with “misery,” who takes on a physical persona that I must overcome in order to find happiness.

Misery | Authspot.


This poem references my inner battle with insecurity, the judgement of others, and my introverted nature during this period of my life.

Emotion | Authspot.

Not Anymore

Yet another poem written during the eventful year of 2005. In this piece I refer to how I have grown strong enough to see that things are not always as bad as they seem.

Not Anymore | Authspot.


Another one of my earlier works; in this poem I compare and contrast inner beauty versus outer beauty. I wrote this during a difficult time in my life. At the beginning of 2005 I was in a car accident where I ended up with a broken neck and a lot of superficial injuries to my face and legs. I think this poem reflects how I felt; I looked horrible, but I was still me on the inside.

Choices | Authspot.

Shadow World

One of my darker works…despite the dark connotation of this poem, in the end you see how I sought to defy the darkness.

Shadow World | Authspot.


A short love poem that is simple and sweet. One of my favorites!

Eyes | Authspot.

Obama’s Uncle Arrested on DUI Charges

President Obama’s uncle, Onyango Obama, was recently arrested on DUI charges. Currently, he is being held by immigration officials; apparently he is an illegal immigrant. Interestingly, the president’s aunt was also an illegal immigrant, but she was granted citizenship. Reports are stating that when asked who he wanted to call, Onyango said that he wished to call the White House. Officials have confirmed the relationship between the Onyango and Obama, saying that he is the half brother of President Obama’s father.

Onyango was apprehended when he made an improper rolling stop at an intersection, which caused an unmarked police cruiser to nearly strike the SUV he was driving. The officer stopped Onyango and put him through a series of field sobriety tests, which Onyango failed.

Obama’s uncle arrested in Massachusetts –

Dogs are an Important Part of Our Lives

This article details some of the most memorable dogs I have had throughout my life. I must say that I am blessed to have had the opportunity to call each of these canines my friend and companion at some point. Each dog is special, they leave paw prints in your heart that stay with you for all time. They all have a distinct personality with quirks that make you smile. A life without my dog is not a life I want to live!

I smell a series of posts coming up with this topic! Stay tuned for more stories about dogs and how they enrich our lives in so many ways. We are so fortunate to have these loving, faithful creatures in our lives.

Please view the article below to read more and see some pictures of some of my favorite canines.

With Dogs Comes Happiness | Gomestic.

Dancing with The Stars Season 13 2012 Line-up

An interesting season is ahead on Dancing With the Stars Season 13. In the 2012 season, we will see several famous people taking the stage. Among those people include Nancy Grace, Ricki Lake, Chaz Bono, and David Arquette.

Nancy Grace, a former prosecutor, hosts a widely known television program where she discusses current criminal cases in the news. My mom is an avid watcher of Nancy Grace, so I felt I had to relay the news that Nancy will be on DWTS.

Another interesting person on the show is Chaz Bono, the son of Cher and Sonny Bono. He was born Chasity Bono and has undergone a complete female to male operation.

I look forward to another great season of DWTS!

Dancing with The Stars Season 13 2012 Line-up | Telewatcher.

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